Plumbing problems can be frustrating and extremely costly. Most can be avoided by routine maintenance. That being said, there are six different reasons that we have found from our years of experience to be major issues: 

  1. Water pressure – Whether the situation is too much or too little, improper water pressure may cause huge problems. 

  2. Water quality - Harsh impurities in our water system can be very dangerous, not only to your plumbing system, but also to you. When ingested by humans and animals in large quantities, fluoride and chlorine may prove to be poisonous. 

  3. Lack of maintenance - Almost everything made by the human hand needs to be maintained. 

  4. General aging - Is there anything on earth that has stood the test of time besides mother earth? Actually, she has been worn down, too. 

  5. Poor design - Over the years, this has made us very particular regarding the products we install in our customer’s place of business and in their homes. 

  6. Bad installation - Our motto is to fix it right the first time, and we won't have to deal with it later.